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 Ritual Supplies and Tools

 Real Human Bones obtained from legal sources!!

Human Bone Powder: Human Bone powder is used in necromantic rituals and spirit workings.  It will provide powerful energy to your sorcery. The bones have been cremated and pulverized into a fine powder.  It is completely legal to own and has been acquired from legal sources. This is a rare find and hard to come by. 1/2 oz. $10.00 


 Human Finger Bone: These are legal to possess and are authentic. Used in mojo bags for gambling and to attract money (grasp it and keep it). Also used in necromancy and spirit workings. It will provide a powerful addition to your ritual magick and sorcery. (metacarpal or phalange) $35.00 

Human Tooth: Used for gambling, used for biting, rending, or obtaining things through forcible means. Great for hexing. One way to use it is to take a personal item from their enemy and wrap it around the tooth and conjure the foe to lose his teeth. Legal to possess and authentic. $20.00


 Carpal Hand Bone: For use in mojo bags for extreme gambling luck in games of chance; also used in Necromantic and Black Arts work.$25.00


 Innominate (single): One half of the pelvis.  $150.00 



Human Rib Bone $35.00 CHECK AVAILABILITY

Human Vertebrae$40.00 CHECK AVAILABILITY

 Human Skull Pieces: 


Skull Pieces: These are pieces of the human skull. Larger one measures roughly 4 inches long by 2.5 inches wide. $60.00 Smaller one measures roughly  2 inches by 2 inches. $35.00 CHECK AVAILABILITY


Necromantic Tool: This magical piece is created from a real human half pelvis that has been embellished with a sigil of Necromantic symbols to contact Underworld beings. A real raven feather has been attached. A blood red crystal ball rests in it to gaze in to. It has been sealed with clear sealant to protect the sigil and darkly blessed. $250.00

Baphomet parchment: Great to use in your Book of Shadows or as a poster. $1.95  

  Goat's Head Chalice: Carved with magical glyphs, a pattern of goat heads, set within upside down pentacles which are, themselves, set within spades decorate the cup of this elaborately carved, cold-cast resin chalice. Conjuring to mind all things dark and mysterious, it possesses powerful symbolism of great use for your rituals, spells and magickal crafts.Set within, to help you with your cleaning and ensure that the contents does not stain or damage the decorative exterior, the chalice contains a removable metal cup. The entire chalice measures approximately 7 1/2" in height and 3 3/4" in diameter. $35.95


  Lucifer Oil by Anna Riva: 2 dram Use to place a curse on an enemy. Pure anointing oil for external use only. $3.95

 Bayou Witch Lucifer Oil 1/2 oz.: This oil capture the lighter side of Lucifer as the light bringer. It relates to his loving nature and how he prefers beasts to humankind.  A very evocative blend of carnation, cinnamon, musk, patchouli,  and a base of soft vanilla. $13.95


 Bayou Witch Baphomet Oil 1/2 oz: This oil is made in a waning/waxing moon process. The intent of this oil is to create balance, to dissolve past karmic associations and to bring about manifestation. It is excellent to use in meditation as well as ritual and ceremonial magick. Earthy vetiver, cypress, patchouli and other musky herbs are blended with an Arabian sandalwood base. $13.95

Witchmother Oil: This oil is inspired by Hecate and provides a protective aura over the practitioner. It is used for dark magick, dark moon rituals, communing with spirits and Hecate, enchantments, feminine mysticism, and to punish one who has offended a child of Hecate. 2 dram $5.00 

   Hades Ritual Oil: Use this oil to tap into the dark powers of Hades. Great to use for offerings to Hades, hexing, and to make sure debts are paid back that are owed. 2 dram $3.95  In Stock

Black Devil Candle: Check Availability $5.95 


  9 in. Red Devil candle: Available in black or red. $5.95 CHECK AVAILABILITY 


 Devil Head candle: I can make this in any color you would like, so if red isn't what you want, just add a note with your order. $14.95

  Sabbatic Goat (Baphomet Candle)God of the witches $7.50 Available in the following colors but if you have a request for any color I can make it so just ask. Choose color from the button. $7.95

Black: For Protection or hexing. Red: For Controlling & Commanding  


 DEVIL POD, known as Bat Nut, Goat Head, Bull Nut and Buffalo Nut, is the seed pod of Trapa bicornis, an aquatic Asian plant. This weirdly sculpted botanical oddity looks like a leering goat-horned devil, an enraged bull demon, or a flying bat. It is used on Altars for offerings Eshu-Ellegua-Legba, Hades-Pluto, and Maximon - but in the South, folks have long used the DEVIL POD to Ward Off Evil, and for that purpose they place it above a doorway, facing outward as an apotropaic charm, much as in the manner of a Roman Janus or Tibetan door demon. Some people also tell us that they carry a DEVIL POD in a red flannel bag and anoint it with Uncrossing or Cast Off Evil oil when they are surrounded by enemies. Can also be used as offerings for Baphomet or used in Satanic Witchcraft as offerings to Lucifer or demons. Can also be used for hexing. $4.50




 Lucifer statue: Lucifer has many meanings; light bringer in Latin and for some Satan, the devil and more. This demonic statue has fine detail , is dark bronze and with gloss olished highlights. Beneath the great winged being are both woman and man. Real chains are used and attached to hold and control this creature .Cold cast resin bronze. Stand 10" by 9".  $105.95

 Warrior Stance 11" Baphomet Statue: Cold cast resin bronze. Wings span 10". $103.95

 Baphomet 14 1/2" by Maxine Miller: $96.95

Maxine Miller Cold Cast Bronze  Baphomet Statue: 9 1/2" X 5 1/2" X 3 1/4" X  $65.95  






 Lucifer Sigil Amulet on cord: This amulet depicts the Astaroth's seal and the Latin inscription "Dei nostri Satanas". Made in USA.  1.25 inches. $8.95


 Baphomet Goat Lucifer Amulet: pewter with cord 2" $8.95

Inverted Pentagram with cord: pewter 1 1/2" $8.95

 Inverted Pentagram with highly detailed goat: Made in USA  Pewter on cord. 1 1/4". $8.95

 Sabbatic Goat Amulet: pewter on cord. Made in USA. 2" by 1 1/2" $8.95


 Inverted Cross: Sterling Silver with cord 1" by 5/8" $19.95

 Inverted Pentagram: pewter on cord 1" $4.95


 Goat Head 666 Amulet: pewter on cord. Had 666 and other mystic symbols. Made in USA. 1" $8.95


 Dark Secrets Talisman: pewter on cord 1 1/2"  $4.95 



  French Hook Pentagram Earrings $4.95


 Inverted Cross:Pewter cross comes on a chain. 1 5/8" high. $4.95



 Baphomet amulet: Pewter with black cord and measures 1 3/8 in. in diameter. Made in USA. 7.95

Baphomet pentagram amulet. Pewter with silver finish on black satin cord. Measures 1 3/16 in. in diameter. Made in USA. $7.95


 Lucifer Pendant: pewter on cord 2 1/4" by 1 1/4". $7.95

 Interwoven Pentagram: Comes with black cord. Fine pewter. $14.95

 Other Gifts:

Baphomet Box: An impressive 5 sided box with felt bottom. Cold cast resin. 2 inches deep by 7 inches.  $43.95 

 Baphomet head Wall Plaque: This beautiful plaque is cold cast resin with a metal reinforced hanger in the back. 8 1/4" by 8 1/4". $51.95

Gnostic Templar Baphomet Plaque: 6.5" x 4.5" Made from Ganges River clay. handpainted.  $37.00


    Baphomet Bumper Sticker : $0.95