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Arianrhod with wheel: Overcome Challenge and Transformation; Arianrhod is a goddess of challenge and transformation. Her name translates to the silver wheel, which we equate with the moon and stars and their cycles of change in the heavens. The twin sons Dylan and Llew that she mysteriously bore, were given considerable obstacles to overcome by their mother, who understood that attainment and status must be achieved by learning and effort. She was thought to be the mistress of a great fortress by the sea. We associate her with silver, stars, wheels, and the spirals of infinity. [© 2007 Maxine Miller] 10 ¾" CHOOSE FINISH FROM THE BUTTON

silver black resin statue$105.00

wood finish $105.00 

cold cast bronze statue $190.00


  Brigid: Sculpted by Abby Willowroot. 5 ¾" resin statue, white antique stone finish. $44.00

 Triple Brigid Statue: 5 inch. cold cast bronze $60.00

 Maxine Miller Brigid Statue: The Celtic Goddess Brigid is beloved as the muse of poetic inspiration and the mistress of the healing arts. She is also associated with smithcraft, which held special import for the early Celts. The site of her well still exists in Ireland, and its eternal flame is still quietly attended by eighteen maidens. The Catholic Church made her a saint due to her fervent worshippers, who accepted Christ, but could not endorse a religion that excluded her. 11" cold cast bronze statue $220.00 or wood finish for $116.00  Choose finish from button. 


 Brigid with Column Statue: Brigid says, "All good things come in three." The poppy-flower crowns of these three regally-detailed sisters imbue them with magical power. Center column is for offering dish or candle. Goddess of Healing, Smithcraft and Queenship. She is patroness of the Celtic spring festival of Imbolc, and was served by a female priesthood at Kildare. Her name derives from her worship by the pre-Christian Brigantes, who honored her as identical with Juno, Queen of Heaven. Brigit also shares attributes with the ancient Greek triple goddess  named Hecate. She is Ruler, Bringer of Prosperity; her two sisters display the alchemical sword and tongs of blacksmithing and the twin serpents connoting medical skill. Her Irish consort was the Dagda. [British"Museum, c. 100-300 CE] Green Gypsumstone statue. 10 inch $51.00


Cernunnos /Horned God /Lord of the Forest Section: 

 Witch Lord Statue: Cold Cast Bronze by Chris Orapello. 15.5" $132.00

Stag God Statue: Like Bull Gods, the Stag God has symbolized fertility and abundance since Neolithic times. This famous image comes from Anatolian goddess culture (the Alaca Hoyuk site, in central Turkey, dating to c. 5500 BCE) and is called the "Stag of Seven Tines." Since antler tines are fast-growing, they are a metaphor for plant fertility as well. This is one of the first sacred images that was cast in iron. The sacred stag is used to symbolize Cernunnos.  Pewter with marble base. 7.5 inch $47.00

 Kernunnos/Gobniu statue: This tri-cephalic bust depicts the forest god of the Celts in his most potent form. For these earth-worshiping peoples of old Europe, the disembodied head symbolized fertility, prophecy, inspiration and rebirth, and triplism implied extreme power. Note the god's initiatory neck torc and stag antlers, which may be removed during the feminine phase of the pagan year.  Gaelic oral tradition names him the alchemical patron of smithcraft, poetry and sacred beer-brewing. CHECK AVAILABILITY

[original resides in Musee d'Aquitaine, Bordeaux] Brown/gray Gypsumstone statue. 5'X7' $34.00


Kernunnos of St. Germain: Seated yoga-like upon a dais he wears a torc and a robe of woolen folds. This image is bearded and the original had two small heads above the ears; head triplism signified extreme potency among the Celts. That the god had stag antlers rather than bull horns is important, reflecting his shy nature and beneficent role as bringer of prosperity. This is further imaged by the bowl of fruits with torc and the two ram-headed serpents in his lap. cold cast bronze. 4 in. $53.00


 Kernunnos 4.5 inch statue $31.00Kernunnos 6 inch statue: $37.00Kernunnos 10 statue: $61.00


The Horned One

Here is the youthful face of Kernunnos, God of the wild wood, guardian of all living things. Reproduced from the famous Gundestrup Cauldron. 

The Celtic Father of Animals with his companion Stag and Boar, is an archetype of mature masculine energy in balance with the natural world. Taken from the Gundestrup cauldron, this image shows the forest god in his typical yogic pose of meditative entrancement with nature. Around his neck Kernunnos wears the torc, commemorating his sacred marriage as husbandman to Mother Earth; with his right hand he bestows upon viewers a torc of initiation. Held under control in his intuitive left hand is the ram-headed serpent connoting male sexual power and vitality. This rich calm image is ideal for modern males seeking to rebalance away from dominator conditioning. 

resin statue, green verdigris color finish. CHOOSE SIZE FROM BUTTON. 

   Cerridwen Bronze: Mother of Grain and Inspiration; Ceridwen is a great earth goddess associated with the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth. We worship her at harvest time. She tends her cauldron of wisdom and inspiration. Her totem animal is the white sow and she is a shapeshifter, able to be seen as a greyhound, an otter, a hawk, and a black hen. She was mother to the great Celtic bard Taliesin. Her herbal potions bring forth initiation and transformation, just as tiny grains become vast fields of wheat that then transform into the bread of sustenance. [© 2007 Maxine Miller] . 8 ½" cold cast bronze statue $192.00 or wood finish for $119.00 CHOOSE FINISH FROM BUTTON. 


Kerridwen: Kerridwin is the Welsh triple goddess. Her cauldron was the Celtic symbol for prosperity and rebirth, and she herself is the Mother Goddess, famous for nurturing her children. Her totem animal, the corpse-eating white sow, represents the moon as well as Kerridwin's crone/transformatrix aspect. The great bard Taliesin (often thought to be Merlin), born of the goddess according to a favorite Celtic regeneration myth, attributed his magic talents to her. She can be equated with Greek Demeter, Anatolian Diana of Ephesus, and Kali, all goddesses who both give and take away. Green/bronze-colored Gypsumstone statue. 9 inch $44.00


  Danu Statue: Flowing Mother of Abundance; Danu is thought to be the great mother of the race of the Tuatha De Danaan, the ancient tribe of the Celtic people. She is the great goddess of flowing rivers and the life force that they bring to the earth. She is associated with agriculture, cultivation, and the nurturing of the land. She represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, as demonstrated by the plants of the natural world, just as the humble acorn buried in the ground becomes the mighty sacred oak tree. [© 2007 Maxine Miller] .9 ¾" cold cast bronze statue  $144.00 or green finish for $108.00 CHOOSE FINISH FROM THE BUTTON. 


 Danu: Danu, Danand, known as Don in Wales is associated with reincarnation, rivers and flowing waters. The Danube River takes its name from Danu, as do the Rivers Don in Scotland and Russia. She has been called "Holy Waters from the Sky" nourisher of the Sacred Oak. In India’s Rig Veda the Goddess Danu signifies "stream" and "waters of heaven." Many suggest she is the Great Goddess Diana of the Mediterranean region. Danu is the Mother of Magick and the Fae. It is said her people, the Tuatha de Danann (The Children of Danu) were a magical race, some say gods, who came to Ireland in the time of the Fir Bolg (1897 B.C.E.) and worked their magick until they were driven underground by the invading Milesians around 1,700 B.C.E. Here they remain today in Tir-na-noghe, the "Land of Eternal Youth" as the Aes Sidhe, an invisible race of magickal beings. It is from them that all Gaelic faery folk come. The Paps of Anu (Ana) are two mountain in County Kerry known as the living breasts of Danu.In this graceful sculpture the Paps and Sidhe reveal the dwelling place of the Tuatha on the skirts of Danu. Her garment also reveals the many layers of magick and the flowing nature of water's mysteries.9 ¾" resin statue, white antique stone finish $45.00

Greenman of Death and Rebirth: This Lord of the Woods stands eternal, a Green Man holding the Sacred Snake of death and rebirth. In him are combined the oak, the forests, the fields, and the harvest. His sacred cycles are the forces of wild nature and male generative power. In our rituals, we call on him as Jack of the Green, the Forest God, Lord Silenus, or Mighty Pan. He is the universal male principle and divinity in Nature. Hand painted gray Gypsumstone 8 in. $38.00

 Wild Wisdom God/GreenMan:This seated Green Man represents the wisdom of primitive nature, the current of male creativity. Strong, organic, centered, here is depicted the energy of masculine healing and awareness. His power is tempered with understanding, the balance of wildness and compassion that comprises the healthy male heart. The mighty oak is especially sacred to this original Druid (a Celtic title meaning "oak knowledge, or "magician of Nature"). An abundance of life springs from Him. reen/bronze colored Gypsumstone statue. 7 in. $39.00



 Greenman Plaque white: 6 inch diameter This is an Oberon Zell piece. $35.00 


 Green Man Life Size Plaque:The Greenman is the leafy figure seen peeking out from many an ancient structure throughout Europe, frequently sculpted into the design of buildings of state and even churches. With an old, wizened face that sprouts leafy foliage for hair, he has come to be revered as a deity of nature, and is sometimes associated with the horned god. Most often, he is viewed as a symbol of the powerful ability of nature to be born anew as it goes through its yearly cycle, with so many plants and animals seemingly reborn with time`s passing. This wall plaque seeks to capture that unbridled, wild power that he represents and comes as close as any still-life might. In life sized proportions the Greenman is displayed with wild eyes and wise features, with green leaves sprouting to form his hair, beard and mustache. In this portrayal he would seem almost a ferocious thing, though the kindness and wisdom can still be recognized within his features; a clear reminder of the untamed manner of all things born of nature. The plaque hangs approximately 17" long and 14" wide, providing for you the perfect ornament for your sacred space. $61.95

  Greenman Wall Plaque: An amazing plaque created with built up level of detail made of leaves, clover, vines and acorns. Hand painted to simulate copper with a heavy patina. Cold Cast Resin. 12"x10.75"x2.25". $51.95 Also available in Cold Cast Bronze $55.95 CHOOSE FINISH FROM THE BUTTON 


 Herne Bronze Statue: His secure, solid, and sexual presence reflects qualities of beingness common to vegetative and animal life forms unburdened by the human quest for rationality. The Herne "wildman" shares qualities of fertility with Kernunnos and the foliate-headed Green Man carved into chapel cloisters throughout western Europe. [design from oral tradition] Cold Cast Bronze 3 inch $27.00 

  Herne Statue: The Satyr Herne. His secure, solid, and sexual presence reflects qualities of beingness common to vegetative and animal life forms unburdened by the human quest for rationality. The Herne "wildman" shares qualities of fertility with Kernunnos and the foliate-headed Green Man carved into chapel cloisters throughout western Europe. [design from oral tradition] Green/bronze colored Gypsum stone. 9 in. $45.00

Herne Bronze Statue: Hand painted and sculpted of cold cast resin so as to appear to be made of bronze or copper, this statue depicts Herne the Hunter, the legendary figure of English lore and whispered leader of the Wild Hunt. $58.95 

 Horned God Votive Statue: 7 3/4"  by Mickie Mueller $39.00

Lugh Statue: The Celtic Sun God and Lord of Every Skill; Lugh and his nature goddess consort were worshiped during Lugnasadh, a 30-day midsummer feast held in Ireland to ensure ripening of the crops. Called Lamfhada, or "of the long arm" in Gaelic because of his great spear and sling, Lugh's animal totems were the raven and the lynx. Let him bring you a rich harvest! [Replica from the one in Berlin Staatliche Museum, c. 100 CE] Green/bronze-colored resin statue. 8 inch $37.00

Merlin:A British Pagan interpretation of the much-loved Archmage, Merlin is a shamanic figure who honors the earth. He is seen here as the guardian of the land and reminds us of our connection with nature and our sacred trust to protect our endangered world. One of the first names for Britain was "Merlin's enclosure." He holds his dragon-headed staff and wears a cloak of leaves (some traditions say feathers) surrounded by the flora and fauna of the forest.handpainted Gypsumstone 8 in. $45.00 


  THE MORRIGAN: Great Phantom Queen; The Morrigan is a goddess of destruction and fury, a true warrior spirit. She used her sexual power to manipulate and inspire fear in her enemies, and reveled in her lust for blood. She was also a prophet and a shapeshifter, sometimes associated with ravens or other flesh-eating birds of prey. Worship her at Samhain, the festival of death and the descent into the dark half of the year. [© 2007 Maxine Miller] 13" black red resin statue. $106.00 or cold cast bronze $137.00 CHOOSE FINISH FROM THE BUTTON


The Morrigan: Morrigan is the Celtic Goddess of Destruction/Creation. Elaborated from an Epona plaque, this image depicts the Irish triple goddess: Ana, the fertility maiden; Badb ("bave"), the boiling mother cauldron, producer of life; and Macha, the death-crone symbolized by the carrion-devouring raven. Oral tradition says the Celtic dying god Cu Chulainn was met by the beautiful chariot-mounted goddess with red eyes and cloak. She cursed him to death that his blood might fertilize the earth, then transformed herself into Badb Catha, the Raven of Battle who induces panic in warriors. Morrigan evolved into Morgan Le Fay, sorceress of Arthurian legend. Black/gold colored resin statue. 8 in. $36.00

Queen Medb: Sexy Intoxicating Queen; Medb is a goddess to be reckoned with. Her name translates to "she who intoxicates". Indeed, she was reknown for her prodigious appetites for sex, power, and drink. Honey wine, or mead, is named for her. A great warrior queen, she coveted the famous brown bull of Ulster. She schemed and wreaked havoc until he was hers, not to be denied her desires. She embodies obsession, addiction, bloodlust and battle. She is thought to be the progenitor of Maab, the English queen of the fairies. [© 2007 Maxine Miller] 10 ¾" red black resin statue $119.00 or Cold Cast Bronze $222.00 CHOOSE FINISH FROM BUTTON 

Sheela na Gig plaque: The Goddess Displaying Her Parts. This Celtic archetype of the Great Mother appeared in folk and church art by at least 1080 CE, but undoubtedly is of much earlier origin. She may be identical with the war goddess Morrigan, consort to the Dagda. One of her images is found near the ancient goddess shrine of Avebury, where she symbolized fertility; displaying her sexual parts was believed to ward off evil. Carvings of Sheela-na-Gigs may have accompanied the seasonal harvest custom of weaving corn dollies which dates from North European antiquity. Red/black Ganges Clay.5 in $30.00

 Sheela Na Gig Bronze Statue: [Replica from Kilpeck Church, Herfordshire, 1140 CE] cold cast bronze. 5 in. $50.00 


Mini Nile Goddess: In the common blue clay color of ancient Egypt. This Blue Nile Goddess is the perfect size to use as a pocket talisman, traveling altar, as a token to hand out at your next gathering, stocking stuffers...the possibilities are endless!  Handmade so each one is different. $8.00 

3" Bronze Nile Goddess: Nile Goddess reaches for the Stars and "Draws Down the Moon" with the graceful crescent-sweep of her arms. The hook-shaped hands of this goddess from early Egypt symbolize regeneration, an evocative image of the life-death-life principle of reincarnation. An uplifting and inspiring addition to your home or office. 

[Brooklyn Museum, predynastic era] Cold cast bronze. $22.00

 Nile Goddess: The Nile Goddess reaches for the Stars and "Draws Down the Moon" with the graceful crescent-sweep of her arms. The hook-shaped hands of this goddess from early Egypt (a people who called themselves the Kemi) symbolize regeneration, an evocative image of the life-death-life principle of reincarnation. The Mother Goddess in late Neolithic times was equated with bird and animal life; her birdlike head is suggestive of later death-bringing vulture goddesses such as Neith and Mut. (The Kemian word mother, in fact, was depicted by the vulture hieroglyph.) Here in one evocative image of life-death-life is shown the core of Kemian wisdom, the principle of reincarnation. An uplifting and inspiring addition to your home or office. [Brooklyn Museum, predynastic era] Brown fading to Grey Resin. Available in 10 inch or 3 1/4". Choose size from button. $46.00 or $25.00.


 Proud Anubis Statue: Stands 10 3/4 inches tall. $48.95


 Anubis Statue: Measures 12 inches tall, 3 inches wide and 5 inches deep $42.95

  Sitting Anubis Statue 9" $28.95


Bastet in Human Form Mini Statue: Shown here in her human form is the cat-headed Egyptian goddess Bastet. With the lithe body of a woman, she bears the symbols of her office as a protector and goddess of Egypt, as well as the gold jewelry of royalty. Standing 3.5 inches in height, she is sculpted wonderfully out of cold cast resin and is painted in the traditional colors of ancient Egypt; black and gold. $8.95  CHECK AVAILABILITY

Bastet Cat Form with Gold Embellishments Statue: Choose 5.5" or 8" statue from the button. $21.95 or $35.95


 Bastet Cat Form Antique Copper Metallic Finish Statue: Choose 6" or 8.5" statue from the button. $20.95 or $36.95


 Elegant Bastet Cat Form Statue: Choose from 5.5" or 8" statue from the button. $19.95 or $32.95


 3" Bastet Cat Form Statue $8.95

 9" Bastet Statue $41.95

 Bastet 9" solid bronze statue: $50.95

 Bastet Feminine Divine 11" Statue $48.95

  Blue Isis Statue: This glazed earthenware finish was the original holy blue of sacred purity. Initiates into the cult of Isis spoke of seeing her sending out rays of blue light of grace and salvation. Her name comes from Egyptian Ashesh, which means both supporting and pouring out (of milk). Isis is called the Oldest of the Old, who existed from the beginning, the Goddess from whom all beginning arose. 6 ½" blue color resin  $32.00


Isis standing plaque: Honor Isis, the most revered goddess of ancient Egypt, with this beautiful free standing plaque. Made out of clod-cast resin, this plaque has been hand painted to look like natural stone. Measuring 6 3/4" in height and 4 1/2" wide, its 1 5/8" depth gives additional substance to this beautiful and unique piece.  $22.95

 Isis Open Winged Wall Hanging: The revered mother of Horus and the wife and sister of Osiris, Isis is widely revered as one of the most beloved and worshipped Goddesses throughout history and one of the greatest sorceresses of all time. Associated with the divine powers of motherhood, marital devotion, and healing, Isis is said to have brought Osiris back to life and aided in his becoming the powerful god of the underworld for which he is now known. Here she is displayed in her later form, in full glory with wings wide open. Adorning her head are the horns and disc, the hieroglyphic sign for "throne," which marks her station and is a symbol of her power and authority. Painted in the traditional tones of ancient Egypt, her gold skin radiates feminine beauty even as her stately divinity shines through, creating a powerful symbol of the divine feminine that is great for any altar; not just the ones devoted to Egyptian Pantheons. This wall hanging measures approximately 11 1/4" wide and 12" high and is sculpted of cold-cast resin. $49.95


 Osiris King Statue: Osiris King -- Companion to Isis Queen. Osiris offers the chance of resurrection to any pure soul. Supreme god of the Underworld and the firstborn of Geb and Nut (earth and sky). Complement to the sun god, and manifestation of the pharaoh after death, he civilized Egypt and fulfilled his role as a grain god by teaching mankind how to cultivate crops. Osiris holds the scepters (crook and flail) of kingship and wears a crown consisting of ram's horns, a tall centerpiece with cobra and plumes. 8 1/2" resin statue, black gold finish $38.00 



Goddesses and Wiccan (that aren't listed in the other sections):

Pentacle Goddess: Abby Willowroot piece. Raise Power. One side contains pentacle and Celtic knotwork designs. The other side shows steaming cauldron, triple moon, and triquetra. Above, the goddess embraces and guides the crescent moon and stars. Both images invite creativity and magical energy.  resin white antique stone finish 8.25 inch $40.00

 Black Pentacle Goddess by Abby Willowroot $40.00

Corn Dolly: Corn Mother; Sacred in all lands, the Corn Mother, or Corn Dolly, was a small figure made and adorned from the harvest of corn or grain. In Asia she was made of rice stalks, in Europe, of wheat, barley or other grain, in Africa of millet, in the Americas of Corn. This Corn Mother is a Native American Huichol Corn Dolly. Corn Mothers like her were made of corn husks and ornamented with beads, and other token of prosperity. The Huichol Indians of Mexico and the southwestern US are descended from the Aztecs and are known as healers. Abundance and sustenance was of primary importance to ancient people, as it is today. To insure bountiful crops they fashioned a Goddess figure (dolly) from the harvested crop and saved and honored it over the winter months, and in the spring they planted it in the earth to insure another bountiful harvest. It was in this way that the cycle of seasons remained a continues unbroken circle of abundance, insuring survival for the people. Living in the presence of a Corn Mother is a constant reminder of the blessings we receive daily and the unbroken connection we have to our most ancient ancestors. It is through their cultivation of abundance that we were given life. In any earth-based faith we find a reverence for observations of the earth’s cycles. Made from grain stalks, the Corn Dolly often was the image of the Goddess in rural European festivals. This statue is perfect to grace any altar to portray knowledge of and respect for the wheel of the year. Here is a corn dolly ready to be used year after year. [Sculpted by Abby Willowroot Copyright 2003] 7 1/2" hand painted resin statue. $45.00 


  Priestess of the Elements statue: Goddess Priestess Invoking the powers of Nature with upraised arms, she summons Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Swirling waves of the sea, trees of the land, the fire of her lightning halo, and the dynamic spiral of air combine, within the Great Goddess, in the dance of creation, while the sacred triple moon of the Queen of Heaven presides over all. This piece represents the eternal moment that is now. Hand painted Gypsumstone statue 7.5 in. $46.00

Spiral Goddess: White antique stone colored Gypsumstone. 8 inch $40.00 or 3.5" $18.00


 Black Spiral Goddess Statue: The Goddess who keeps light and dark in balance. As surely as night follows day and as surely as the seasons turn, each life spirals through its seasons of darkness. Wise Black Spiral Goddess reminds us that our dark, quiet, barren periods are meant to be times of reflection, introspection and deep spiritual growth. As the seed rests in the dark earth before sprouting into the warm sunshine and quenching rains, so must we pass through the cave of the crone on our path to the joyful dawning of new enlightenment.  8 inch; black resin. $40.00 or 3.5" $18.00



 Spiral Goddess Bronze Statue: 7.5 inch cold cast bronze $49.00

Spiral Goddess Garden Statue: A large rendition of this incredible archetype from Abby Willowroot suitable for outdoor use. The Goddess symbolism never stops wherever you look. One interpretation of the spiral is it represents the power of the womb; the tree of life on the other side represents the placenta; the moon represents the cycles of a woman. Her arms are drawing down the moon's powerful energy. Place her in your garden as a reminder of why we should revere the divine feminine principle. Stone colored Resin Plus 24" $279.00 PLEASE EMAIL FOR SHIPPING. SHIPPING WILL HAVE TO BE DETERMINED, THE CHECKOUT WON'T CHARGE THE RIGHT AMOUNT. THIS IS A LARGE ITEM. THANKS! 

Spiral Lord Statue Bronze: cold cast bronze 8.5 inch $49.00

Spiral Lord Statue: He Who Creates from His Heart: This potent deity opens the hearts of men to the inner wellspring of their true emotions. Many men have been separated too long from their feelings, from the powers of nurturance and healing they each possess. The Spiral God represents reclaiming all of who you are as a man. He is the balanced, positive, dynamic energy that resides in all males, waiting to be fully revealed. Incised on the reverse, a flowing tree and moon provide private ritual space for growth, meditation and vision. 8.5 inch $40.00 and 3" $18.00


 Black Pentacle Lord Statue:8.5" $40.00

White Pentacle Lord Statue: 8.5" $40.00

 Labyrinth Lord Statue: 8" $40.00

Pagan Great Rite Statue: Available in wood finish 9" or 5 3/4" statue as well as a cold cast bronze 5 1/3" statue. Choose from the button.