The Pumpkin and the Cauldron

Brew up a little magick in your life!

All gemstones are tumbled,polished, and range from penny size to quarter size (some are a little bigger) unless otherwise stated. They are only $0.50 each unless otherwise stated



Agate: strength, courage, longevity, gardening, love, healing, protection  

Amazonite: gambling,success 

Amethyst: dreams, overcoming alcoholism, healing, psychism, peace, love, protection against thieves, courage, happiness 

Aventurine: mental powers, eyesight, gambling, money, peace, healing, luck 


 Black Onyx: enhances determination and steadfastness, grounding, helps you to release things you need to (helps to let go), power  


 Black Tourmaline: Black tourmaline is highly praised for its ability to absorb negative energy. In this way, it is often charged as a protective stone to be worn or placed around the home. Use it as well for grounding, helping to find balance. Protects against psychic vampires. $1.00 


 Black Tourmaline Raw:1/4"x3/4"-1"x2 3/8" $3.00 each

 Blue Kyanite Raw $6.00 each


Bloodstone: courage, legal matters, protection, healing, money spells/keep in cash register to bring money, balances chakras $1.25


Carnelian: sexual energy, protection, peace, healing, eloquence, courage  

 Citrine: prevent nightmares, dieting, happiness, joy,optimism, will not hold negative energy, but instead dispels and transforms it, energizes and invigorates its user, aids in matters of daily living, opens mind to new thoughts, used by healers to help self esteem. $1.00

Clear Quartz: protection, healing, power, psychism  

Desert Rose: Wishing stone, divination, luck (natural form with tiny crystals) $2.00 each 

Dragon's Eye: gaze into the future, protection, love, courage $2.00 each 

Emerald: love, money, mental powers, protection, psychism, exorcism, eyesight, use to block another magician's power  $3.00 each 

Fire Agate: healing, protection, protects aura, divination (in it's natural form)  

Tiny Fire Agate: $1.00  CHECK AVAILABILITY

Garnet: healing, protection, strength, courage (tumbled) quarter size $3.00 

Tiny Star Garnet: $1.00  CHECK AVAILABILITY

Garnet Granules: use to encircle your home to provide both spiritual and physical protection. Can be sprinkled in bath water to aid in healing or placed in a bowl by the bed to invoke its healing and passion building properties! 1 oz. $3.95 


Hag Stone: These are natural stones with a hole in them worn in them by the elements. It is said that you can look through them and see the Faery Realm. They are also strung above the bed for protection while dreaming. (natural)

Large sized $5.00 each 

 Hag Stone (small sized; penny to quarter size) $3.00  Choose Size from button.


Hematite: healing, grounding, divination  

Howlite: one of the Witches' Stones, magick, divination, power, depression, stress 

Jade: money, love, healing, longevity, wisdom, protection, gardening, prosperity 

Jasper:healing, protection, beauty  

Lapis Lazuli: healing, joy, love, fidelity, psychism, protection, courage $4.00 each 


Lodestone (natural): Lodestones are natural magnets & for many centuries have been used to charge spell items, primarily to attract things to the one using them -- good luck, healing, etc. Often two lodestones are carried: one to repel bad luck & one to attract good. Also used in charm bags. $3.95 each 

 Red Lodestone:Red adds to the power of the lodestone especially in matters of attracting love and affection, which is a strong addition to charms, spells, altars and mojo bags. $3.95

 Green Lodestone: Green boosts the power of the lodestone for work in gris gris and mojo bags and otherwise help in your spells. $3.95

 Gold Lodestone: Gold adds even more power to the lodestone for empowering money drawing spells and other charms. $3.95




 Lodestone food: This is iron shavings. They have many uses. Lodestones are "fed" with iron shavings on a regular basis, particularly when used in charm bags. They can also be used with the magnetic hematite for the same purpose (to draw something to you in example money) These are also used in some potions and powders, especially protection ones. 4 oz. bag $4.95  

Gold Magnetic Sand: Use in the same way that you use the iron shavings to feed lodestones. Packed with extra power. $4.95

 Silver Magnetic Sand: Use in the same way that you use irons shavings to feed lodestones. Packed with extra power. $4.95


small magnetic hematite: $1.50  CHECK AVAILABILITY

Malachite: power, protection, love, peace, business success (tumbled, not polished) $1.00 each  


Milk Quartz: healing, protection, power 

Moonstone: love, divination, psychism, sleep, dieting, youth, gardening, protection $2.00 each  

Picture Jasper: healing, protection,creativity, safety during travel  

 Rainbow Moonstone:Known for having a calm, soothing energy, Rainbow Moonstone is frequently used for aiding in developing and improving intuition, as well as simply soothing by bringing balance and harmony. Some also hold that it can be quite useful within wish spells and wish magick, helping to bring you that which you desire. Tumbled smooth, these rainbow moonstones display the marbled white stone with veins and patches of dark color.$3.95


Red Jasper: beauty, guard against poisoning, return negativity back to sender, defensive magic  

Rhodonite: peace, anti-confusion  $5.50

Rose Quartz: peace, love, happiness

 Ruby Fuschite: This variant of Fuchsite possessing ruby crystals within it, this potent stone possesses the properties found within both stones. Fuchsite is known for have close connections to the spirits of nature, making it of particular use when it is placed within your garden to help keep your plants growing healthy. These healing properties are useful for life other than plants as well. Ruby on the other hand has been well known as a powerful attractor of wealth and prosperity. When these properties combine in Fuchsite Ruby you will find a powerful aid in bringing good health, good fortune, and prosperity into your life. $3.95

Rutilated Quartz: power, magick, working with spirits $2.00 each 


 2" Oval Tumbled Selenite $5.95

 Selenite: 3/4"-1" $4.95





Snowflake Obsidian: protection, grounding, centering, peace $1.50 each

Sodalite: healing, peace, meditation, wisdom

 Sunstone: protection, health, energy, helps with depression, Sun Magick, sexual magick; especially in men. These are large sized stones, quarter size and bigger. $4.00 

Tigers Eye: money, protection, courage, energy, luck, divination $1.50


Turquoise (quarter sized nuggets!!) : Sacred to the Native Americans, turquoise helps one connect with Spirit and brings the energy of the sky to you! Wear turqoise to help speed up the healing process. $8.00 each 

Unakite: depression, happiness, self-esteem 




 Gemstone bags available in most colors, just check out our Bottles, Jars, Bags and Pouches Page!


 Flourite Generator: These are 6 sided with a flat bottom. 2"-2.25" $16.95

 White Selenite Generator: This is a fantastic tool for crystal healing and magical practice, using the natural qualities of selenite to aid in capturing and directing positive energy. 3 3/4" long and around 1 1/4" wide. $8.95

 Citrine Double Terminated Massager 1.5" $13.95

 6 Faceted Smoky Quartz Massager $11.95

 Amethyst Double Terminated Massager 2" $9.95

 Rose Quartz Double Terminated Massager 2" $9.95



Double Terminated Clear Quartz Massager:  A natural quartz crystal formed and polished into a double terminated tapered massager. 3/4" tapered to 1/2". 2" long. $10.95


Turquoise offering pebbles: $3.95 


Bloodstone Pyramid: Sculpted from bloodstone, this finely faceted pyramid is a powerful aid in energy work, particularly when using it in healing magic or balancing the chakras. Two sizes available. Choose from the button. 


  Clear Quartz Pyramid: This pyramid carved of quartz crystal is a great tool for channeling energy and helping to balance that is within and without. Available in 2 sizes. Choose from the button. 



 Amethyst Pyramidl: Amethyst crystal in the shape of a pyramid. Sizes & colors will vary. 30-35 mm $12.95  

 7 Chakra Pyramid: 25-30 mm $11.95

 25-30 mm Black Onyx Pyramid $9.95

 25-30mm Black Obsidian Pyramid $9.95

 25-30 mm Black Tourmaline Pyramid $13.95

 25-30 mm Flourite Pyramid $10.95

 Aventurine Pyramid: Choose size from the button. 


 25-30mm Hematite Pyramid $10.95

 25-30mm Iolite Pyramid $14.95

 25-30 mm Labradorite Pyramid $14.95

 Lapis Lazuli Pyramid: Choose size from the button. 


 25-30mm Miriam Pyramid $7.95

 25-30 mm Orgone Amethyst Pyramid $10.95

 Pyrite Pyramid: Choose size from the button. 


 Pyramid Generator: 2.5"x2.5"x0.75"  Use this to gather, direct and cleanse energy within the home, sacred space and ritual. $23.95

 25-30 mm Rose Quartz Pyramid $10.95

 40mm Selenite Pyramid $5.95

 25-30 mm Shungite Pyramid $12.95

 25-30 mm Sodalite Pyramid $11.95

 25-30mm Smoky Quartz Pyramid $12.95

 15-30 mm Sunstone Pyramid $14.95

 25-30 mm Tiger Eye Pyramid $9.95

 25-30mm Unakite Pyramid $9.95

  Amethyst Seer Stone: These are also know as window rocks and Ema Eggs. These are wonderfully energized stones that are perfect for scrying. They all have images inside that they will show you when you gaze into them. These are high quality with most containing rainbows inside. Place a piece of amethyst upon your windowsill to ward off negativity and aid you in finding your strength, calm, and resolve. This enchanting amethyst stone has been river tumbled, frosted, and polished to perfection. . $6.00

 Clear Quartz Skull: This wonderful clear quartz crystal skull has been cut in perfect symmetry, and is said to possess remarkable magical and healing properties. This skull can be carried with you or placed in a safe location in your home to help work its magic, making it a wonderfully versatile tool to aid you in your healing and energy practices. Each quartz skull is approximately 3/4" tall, 1/2" deep and 1/2" wide. These are sometimes a little larger. $9.00 

 Small Opalite Skull with bag: These skulls are a gorgeous milky white with lots of flashes of pink and blue and probably some other colors. They come with a small velvet bag. Measures 1". $10.00 CHECK AVAILABILITY

1.5" Green Aventurine Skull $21.95

1.5" Red Jasper Skull $21.95

 1.5" Quartz Skull $21.95

 1.5" Clear Quartz Skull $35.95

 1.5" Unakite Skull $21.95

 1.5" Turtle Various Stones: These are chosen at random, but if there is one you prefer, I can try to get that one for you. $11.95

 1.5" Owl Figure Various Gemstones:These are chosen at random but if there is one that you prefer, let me know and I will try to get that one for you. $11.95

 1.5" Elephant Various Gemstones:These are chosen at random but if there is one you prefer, let me know and I will try to get that one to you. $11.95

 1.5" Various Gemstone Buddha: These are chosen at random but if  there is one you prefer, let me know and I will try to get that one for you. $19.95

 1.5" Clear Quartz Pocket Angel $13.95

 1.5" Rainbow Flourite Pocket Angel $13.95

 1.5" Rose Quartz Pocket Angel $13.95


2"x3" Various Agate Slice:Chosen at random. If there is a color you prefer, let me know and I will try to get that one sent out. $4.95

 Chakra Set: Set of 3/4" stones with a 2"x3" drawstring pouch. $13.95

 5" Amethyst Gemstone Tree: 160 beads $17.95

 Carnelian Gemstone Tree $17.95

 Mixed Agate Gemstone Tree: 6" $17.95

 5' Clear Quartz Gemstone Tree: 160 beads $17.95